Monday, February 16, 2009

Kill USB Pendrive Virus (WINXP)Kill USB Pendrive Virus (WINXP)

For WINXP users only
How to kill USB Pendrive virus effectively?
Below are the procedures:
The following settings are set for once only:
  1. Make sure that your computer is in virus-free condition.
  2. In my computer, go to Tools Menu -> Folder Options
  3. Click View Tab.
  4. In Advance Settings:
    • Click the radio button of "Show Hidden files and folders" under Hidden files and folders
    • Uncheck the checkbox of "Hide extensions for known file types"
    • Uncheck the checkbox of "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)"
    • (A warning message box will come out, just click OK button)
  5. Click Ok button.
  6. If you explorer your C drive or any drive, you will see something you have never seen. However, please don't panic. I will explain in What are these files mean?.
These are the ways to kill the virus in the USB Pendrive:
  1. Make sure you have plug in the USB pendrive.
  2. Explore your USB pendrive by following the instructions in my post entitled Prevent USB pen drive virus
  3. If the pendrive is infected by virus, you will see some files which are covered with shalow white color:
    Kill USB Pendrive Virus
  4. If the files are not your files (I mean you know that there is no such files in your pendrive), you should delete the files.
  5. After that, you should scan the pendrive with anti-virus with latest updated virus definitions.
  6. Done!
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