Saturday, July 30, 2011

How to kill a virus process effectively?How to kill a virus process effectively?

How to kill process effectively
How to kill a process effectively? Usually, there are two ways to kill a process effectively. One is by using the Windows Task Manager to kill the process. Another one is by using another program rather than Windows Task Manager to kill the process.

By using Windows Task Manager:
  1. Enter Windows Task Manager
  2. Click Processes Tab
  3. Find the process you want to kill by scrolling down the scroll bar on the right
  4. Click the process
  5. Click End Process button
By using another program:
I recommend you to use a-squared HiJackFree
  1. Run a-squared HiJackFree
  2. By default, it will show all processes on the right pane
  3. Find the process you want to kill at the right pane by scrolling down the scroll bar on the right
  4. Click the process
  5. At the bottom pane, it will show you the properties of the process.
  6. Right click the process and click Kill process or
  7. If you want to delete the file and at the same time delete the file or delete the references or save a backup after deleting the file, check the Delete file check box or Delete references check box or Save backup check box at the left bottom of the program.

  8. Click the Kill process button.


AMIT said...

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Ann Martin Photography BLOG said...

Useful information. Thanks!

Daisy Soap Girl said...

This is great information. Thanks for posting, and please keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

i have trojan attack.. it has been hidden all the files but not deleted any of them... suppose the hidden file is in E drive and the folder (hidden by trojan) is IMAGES then i went it in through task manager>file>e:\images
it gave me to view all the data in that infected folder... but i am not able to view that folder again... my question is how can i get the RUNNING PROCESS NAME OF THE TROJAN? as u mantioned that every trojan has at least one process running behind OS... my anti virus NORTON detected TROJAN HORSE and disinfected it.. now what are the further steps i will have to take??? plz.. help me the data i am loosing is sooo important for my business and earnings....

Olzen said...

U need to know the major processes of your windows. Then u just stop the other processes which are not the major processes. The major processes is winlogon.exe, crss.exe, lsass.exe, and services.exe . Stop other processes and use latest updated antivirus (Kapersky) and other antispyware or antimalwares products to remove the viruses from your computer.

Unknown said...

That's a nice info. But I think the most important thing to get rid of virus is by turning off restore point and disable update. Then clean the virus by antivirus. I have several antivirus free made in Indonesia namely PCMAV, AVI, SMADAV dan Ansav in Check it out.

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