Monday, February 16, 2009

Remove virus effectivelyRemove virus effectively

Every year I am asked to help to kill virus. I like to kill all of them. It is really challenging. However, once I have successfully kill the virus, I feel very happy and exciting. I hope you also enjoy my excitement. The following are the procedures I use to kill virus.
  1. Check some setting just like what I have written in How do you know your computer is infected by virus?
  2. I will restart windows in safe mode. (How? Click here.)
  3. After getting into safe mode, I will run a-squared HiJackFree to check which virus is running in the background of windows in safe mode. (How can I know which process is come from virus? Click here.)
  4. Then, I will kill the process, delete the file (Of course, I will backup it before deleting the file).
    remove virus effectively
  5. I will check the autoruns setting and restore it into the original state.
  6. I will run RestoreAll (What is it? Click here).
  7. Then I will go to command prompt (how? Goto start menu, click run, type cmd and press enter .)

  8. Type "cd\windows" and press enter
  9. Type "dir /as" and press enter
  10. Normally, there will be only 3 files (do not included the folders):
    bootstat.dat, winnt.bmp and winnt256.bmp
    If there is other files stay there, I will backup them and delete the files.
  11. Then, I will type "cd system32" and press enter.
  12. Type "dir /as" and press enter
  13. Normally, there will be only two folders here (dllcache and Microsoft), if there is other files stated here, I will backup them and delete them.
  14. Then I will type "Exit"
  15. Restart windows and use SandBoxie to check the the suspicious files that I have backup. If they are virus, I will build a simple virus removal for it.
  16. Done!

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