Monday, February 23, 2009

How to remove autorun.inf effectively?How to remove autorun.inf effectively?

Remove autorun.inf virus effectively can be done by following the steps below:
  1. If you computer is infected by malware or virus which will spread itself through pendrive by creating autorun.inf in the pendrive, then when you try to delete the autorun.inf, the autorun.inf will keep on showing in My Computer. Why? The virus / malware create the autorun.inf again after you delete the file.

  2. Plug in any pendrive to the infected computer.

  3. Wait for a minute for the malware to create appropriate files into the pendrive.

  4. Plug out the infected pendrive and plug it into another clean computer.

  5. Scan the infected pendrive with the antivirus in the clean computer. The antivirus will show you what the virus / malware is and remove the malware in your pendrive. Remove the autorun.inf manually if the antivirus does not remove it.

  6. Go to internet to check the instruction to remove the malware manually or try to find removal tool for that malware. (If you do not understand the manual instruction, you can ask me and I will help you or if you trust me, I will create removal tool for you. Some of my removal tools has been enlisted in Softpedia)

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