Monday, February 16, 2009

Make Virus RemovalMake Virus Removal

Make Virus Removal
What is SandBoxie? please refer Safe Browser - Free 100% Protection!

I like to kill virus, but I don't like to repeat killing virus by repeating the cumbersome steps. Thus, I use SandBoxie to make a virus removal to kill the specific virus. Below are the procedures of making Virus Removal by using Sandboxie.
  1. You must have the executable virus file, such as New Folder.exe.
  2. Run the virus file in Sandbox.
  3. Wait about about 1 to 5 minutes for the virus to run in Sandbox, produces its files and changes the registry setting.
  4. As the virus is run in Sandbox, all the files its produced will be stored in Sandbox only. The registry settings also are stored in Sandbox only, so it will not make the computer to be infected by the virus.
  5. Browse your Sandbox folder and check what are the files that the virus produce.
  6. Open registry, go to HKEY_USERS\Sandbox_[your user name]_DefaultBox and check what are the setting that the virus change.
  7. Then make a batch file or executable file to remove the files and restore the registry changes by using Notepad, NSIS, AutoIT etc...
    NewFolderRemoval.nsi (source),
    NewFolderRemoval.exe (executable)
  8. Done!

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Muhammad Abdullah said...

This little program also does to remove Autorun.inf virus
Smart Virus Remover

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