Sunday, March 27, 2011

Disable Autorun Completely (Prevent Pendrive Virus forever!)Disable Autorun Completely (Prevent Pendrive Virus forever!)

Virus or malwares always make use of Autorun feature to spread itself from removable drive / pendrive to our computer. When we disable the autorun feature through registry tweak, the feature cannot be disable completely. Now, Microsoft has given us a patch to disable autorun completely. I will show you how to disable autorun completely.
  1. Download Disable Autorun Completely 1.0 and execute it. It will do it all for you, or you can follow the steps below:

  2. Install the patch described in KB article 953252 (for Vista and Windows Server 2008) or 967715 (for XP, 2000, and Server 2003).

  3. For security reasons, it's strongly recommended you disable AutoRun for all devices. In non-Home versions of XP and Vista, use the Group Policy Editor. In XP, click Start, Run. (In Vista, click Start.) Type gpedit.msc and press Enter. In the left pane, under Computer Configuration, expand Administrative Templates.

    In XP Professional, select System in the right pane under Administrative Templates, right-click Turn off Autoplay in the right pane, and choose Properties. Click Enabled, select All drives in the "Turn off Autoplay" box, click OK, and close the Group Policy Editor.

    In Vista Business and higher, expand Windows Components and select AutoPlay Policies. In the right pane, double-click Turn off Autoplay, click Enabled, choose All drives in the drop-down menu next to "Turn off Autoplay on," click OK, and close the Group Policy Editor.

    To disable AutoRun in the Home versions of XP and Vista — which don't have the Group Policy Editor — use the Registry Editor. In XP, click Start, Run. (In Vista, click Start.) Type regedit and press Enter. Navigate to and select the following key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer

    In the right pane, double-click NoDriveTypeAutoRun, enter 0xFF in the "Value data" field, make sure Hexadecimal is selected under Base, click OK, and exit the Registry Editor, or download the registry file here and double click the file to modify the registry.
Once you've disabled AutoRun, you'll have to use Windows Explorer to access data files on the USB memory devices and optical media you insert in your PC. If you load a disc that contains audio or video, you may want to open your favorite media player to run the content. However, this is a small price to pay for the security edge you gain by disabling AutoRun.

If you want to tweak the autorun settings so that the autorun on CD-ROM is not disabled, you can use Autorun Settings, an autorun tweaking tool.


xagententx said...

Thanks =]
this also worked for the Removal of the Zlob Trojan Virus

Scilian B. said...

Hey internets, just leaving this post on a random website you dont need to register for! I had a prob on my computer when I started Windows (7). Was getting a message that C:\user.. danrmx.dll module could not be found. Turns out it was a virus I had that Windows Defender caught early. The name of the virus was a random sequence of letters beggining with a B is all I remember. However the root to removing this Reg entry is Start : RegEdit and go to HKEY CURRENT USER - SOFTWARE - MICROSOFT - WINDOWS - CURRENT VERSION - RUN. There you will see the danrmx.dll entry that you can delete and get rid of the dreaded 'ERROR' noise when Windows starts. Hope this helps at least one person out there cause it's been driving me mad!! Peace Max

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