Monday, March 9, 2009

Remove all viruses in pendriveRemove all viruses in pendrive

Remove all viruses in pendrive
How to remove all viruses in pendrive? These are the ways:
  1. Use any anti-virus with latest updated virus definitions to scan the pendrive and remove the detected viruses.

  2. Goto command prompt.

  3. Type X: and press enter. You should change the X letter to the drive of the pendrive. Usually, the drive of the pendrive is E, F, G, H or I.

  4. Type dir /AS /S *.* and press enter.

  5. Wait for a little while until it lists all file with system attributes.

  6. Delete the listed file if the file you are sure are not belong to your pendrive. To delete the file, type del /F /A [path of the file] and press enter.
    (Example: del /F /A "X:\abc\debug_32.exe")

  7. If you are sure your pendrive just contain files which are not hidden or system only, you can try this method in command prompt to delete other suspicious virus files.
    Type del /F /AS /S *.* and press enter.
    Type del /F /AH /S *.* and press enter.

  8. Type Exit and press enter.

  9. Done!
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