Thursday, December 2, 2010

RBN Encryptor Removal GuideRBN Encryptor Removal Guide

RBN Encryptor Removal Guide
RBN Encryptor is a malware which is used by trojan to spoil computers. Some trojan such as Trojan.Bootlock will encrypt some files in the computers and then prompt the user to download RBN Encryptor to decrypt the files so that to bring them to the normal state. RBN Encryptor will block various application from running on the computer. Anyway, we must not let RBN Encryptor to be installed in our computer so that to prevent any damage being done to the computer.

RBN Encryptor can be removed by first backup the computer. Then stop any processes related to RBN Encryptor and delete the files. Search in registry by finding "RBN Encryptor" and remove all the keys related to RBN Encryptor. Use latest updated antivirus to scan the computer so that to remove all the malwares.

RBN Encryptor should be removed immediately!

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