Friday, December 24, 2010

Best antivirus? Full protection?Best antivirus? Full protection?

Best antivirus
Many people like to install the best antivirus in their computer so that no virus will infect their computers. However, for me, there is no the best antivirus which can give full protection to our computers. Why?

There are a lot of antivirus in the world now. Every one have its strong points. However, no antivirus will protect your computer completely.

No antivirus can really make your computer free of virus.

Antivirus cannot remove virus effectively when the computer is infected by virus as most of the viruses nowadays will try to deactivate any antivirus installed in the computer.

Antivirus acts passively. It wait the enemy to attack them and after that it will find the antidote for the virus. It can not act actively as it does not know how the enemy will attack it with new technique.

The best policy is try to learn on how to protect our computer from being infected by virus and how to remove virus manually when our computer is infected by virus. Just antivirus will not really protect our computer.

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