Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cwdrive32.exe Removal GuideCwdrive32.exe Removal Guide

Cwdrive32.exe Removal Guide
Cwdrive32.exe is a Trojan which download malwares into the computer so that to access a server from the web and a backdoor to the computer to let more malware to enter the system. Cwdrive32.exe will start automatically when Windows boot. Then it will use the internet connection to download other malware into the computers. It is not so hard to remove Cwdrive32.exe. However, as Cwdrive32.exe will download other malwares, the user should also remove the malwares too.

Cwdrive32.exe can be removed by stopping all the processes of Cwdrive32.exe (the name can be random and contain the word "Cwdrive32.exe"). Then, find all files which have the contain "Cwdrive32" in the hard disk and remove all of them. Then, run Registry Editor, find all related key which has "Cwdrive32" and remove all of them.

Cwdrive32.exe should be removed immediately!

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