Thursday, April 16, 2009

Download Windows Patch avoid WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage)Download Windows Patch avoid WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage)

Download Windows Patch avoid WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage)
How to download Microsoft Windows update without going through WGA (Windows Genuine Advantage)? WGA have created many problems. Where can we download the updates?

You can do without Automatic Updates and Windows Update/Microsoft Update, which can be hamstrung by WGA, by using The Software Patch. This is a free Web service that WS contributing editor Scott Dunn reviewed — along with a handful of other alternative update services.

Examples of patches can be downloaded:

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Julian said...

If you have a genuine Windows XP Professional and you find you have Windows Genuine Advantage Validation and Notification nag screens and notification windows, then I'd suggest you read our blog to find out how to remove the problem.

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