Saturday, November 20, 2010

Prevent USB pen drive virusPrevent USB pen drive virus

Most of the time our computer are infected by virus through pendrive. They are plugged in by our friends or other people. Antivirus cannot detect every virus in the pendrive. How can we prevent the virus from infecting our computer when our friends or other people plug in their pendrive into our computer?
  1. Disable the autorun feature completely is the best way! or follow the step below:
  2. In my computer / windows explorer, you must not double click the removable disk .
  3. If you double click the removable disk, your computer will be infected by virus if your USB pen drive has been already infected by virus.
  4. Instead, in my computer, click the folders button:
    Prevent USB pen drive virus
  5. The folder pane will be shown:

  6. From the pane, click the Removable Disk.
  7. Done!
Some people suggest that scan the pen drive first with latest updated antivirus, but the fact is that most of the time the antivirus fail to detect the virus in the pen drive. So, the best policy is to disable the autorun feature completely


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