Saturday, July 3, 2010

Extreme Security 2010 Removal GuideExtreme Security 2010 Removal Guide

Extreme Security 2010 Removal Guide
Extreme Security 2010 is a fake antivirus program which is created to "cheat money" from the users. Extreme Security 2010 is not "ZoneAlarm Extreme Security 2010" which is a legitimate security program which really protect our computers from attack of viruses. Extreme Security 2010 infected the computers when the users accidentally or are cheated to click the links or images on misleading websites, web pop-ups and fake online scanners. Extreme Security 2010 install into PC without permission of users unless the user set the UAC level to the highest level.

Extreme Security 2010 run automatically when windows boot. It always cheat the user state that the computer is under attack from a remote computer! Extreme Security 2010 shows that there are many spyware, Trojans and other viruses on the computer! Besides, it also display many fake security alerts and pop-ups on the computer screen to urge the user to buy the full version of Extreme Security 2010 or the malwares will not be removed! In fact, Extreme Security 2010 is the real malware that should be removed.

If the user have already purchased the full version of Extreme Security 2010, then the user should contact the credit card company and dispute the charges.

Extreme Security 2010 should be removed immediately!.

Extreme Security 2010 Removal Guide
Delete Registry
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run "Extreme Security 2010"

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