Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Da Vinci Code Digital Edition! Save Confidential file into PictureThe Da Vinci Code Digital Edition! Save Confidential file into Picture

After taking a closer look to an ordinary image files, I found out that the size of the file is so large, 10MB! The resolution of the image is 1024x768 and 24bit colors, taking about 500kb the most. Why the image so big? Let me open the Da Vinci Code now. In fact, there is a hidden file in the image itself.The creator compresses the file into zip or rar format and then save the compressed file into the image file through some special ways. The image file are viewed as a normal image file through most of the image viewing software. Moreover, digital camera nowadays can produce image files with very high resolution and the size of the image file is big too. This will make the hidden file in the image file hardly to be identified by others.

There is a small tool called Jpg+FileBinder 1.0 which can help us to save any file into a jpeg image file.

With this small tool, we can bind or merge any compressed files(WinRar, WinZip, 7Zip,etc) with an ordinary JPEG image file, making it look like any other JPEG image file but in actual fact contains all our secret files.

Other people will only see it as an ordinary JPEG image but when we open it with a compression tool like WInRar, WInZIp, 7Zip, etc; you'll see the secret files. Hide any file, be it a secret note, a secret picture, a secret song, or anything else you can think of. Sneaky!

IMPORTANT: Please take note that this tool will not encrypt or secure your files and other users can also access the files like you if they are aware of the method. It is advisable that you encrypt the compressed file before binding for enhanced security.

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