Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Windows Police PRO Removal GuideWindows Police PRO Removal Guide

Windows Police PRO Removal Guide
Windows Police PRO is a malicious program whose main goal is to trick people into purchasing its licensed version. Using affiliated trojans to infiltrate a computer without your knowledge or permission, and when installed and active, Windows Police PRO displays annoying popup system warnings and system tray alerts reporting viruses that can allegedly damage your confidential data and deteriorate the system performance. Windows Police PRO also runs fabricated security scanners that return scan results full of spyware applications, trojans, worms and other malware. All the above alerts and scans attempt to mislead you into thinking you have serious PC risks and need to handle them using Windows Police PRO commercial version. Thus, it is suggested you purchase and install the licensed version of Windows Police PRO.

Removal Tool: Remove Fake Antivirus. (Download it here.)

Windows Protection Suite Removal Guide
Kill Process
(How to kill a process effectively?)
windows Police Pro.exe

Remove Files
windows Police Pro.exe
Windows Police Pro.lnk

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