Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to delete trojan virus, open hidden filesHow to delete trojan virus, open hidden files

How to delete trojan virus, open hidden files?
First of all, we need to use the latest updated anti-virus to scan the drive so that to detect the name of the Trojan. After getting the name of the Trojan, we should do a search in Google or other search engine of the name of the Trojan. Usually, we will get the way to remove the trojan manually or by using the removal tool provided.

It will tell us the processes of the trojan. Every trojan must have at least a process running behind the OS. Hence, we should Terminate all the processes of the trojans. You can also let me know the name of the trojan and I will show you on how to remove it manually if possible.

Most virus will disable the showing hidden files feature so that we cannot remove it easily. To show hidden file after infected by trojan, we should first kill the trojan first by following the method stated above. Then we need to use some tools to remove the restriction of showing hidden file. The tool I recommend is Remove Restriction Tool (RRT). After removing the restriction, we should kill all the files of the processes of the trojan.

However, you can also terminate the process and at the same time delete the file too by using a-squared HiJackFree


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this also worked for the Removal of the Zlob Trojan Virus

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Great Blog, just stumbled upon it, after reading the Major Geeks Review. Keep up the great work, your saving people to have to do a lot of Troubleshooting.

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Great ..Thanks for sharing. My antivirus can't remove the Trojan and always tell me to remove it manually and didn't know why. Great blog , i found everything i wanted here.

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