Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to prevent Fake Antivirus and Fake Antispyware?How to prevent Fake Antivirus and Fake Antispyware?

How to prevent Fake Antivirus and Fake Antispyware?
Fake or rogue antivirus has cheated many people nowadays. Normally most people are “suddenly” infected by the rogue antivirus or antispyware installed without even knowing it . It install automatically after clicking on a button in a website which show you a very convincing message telling you that you have a virus or spyware.

Fake Antivirus is a type of virus/malwares which disguises itself to be an antivirus. It infects your computer when you accidentally click a link in a website which will download the malware into your computer and run automatically when your windows boot. It scan the infected computer and produces fake alert warnings. It convinces you that your computer is in danger and urge you to purchase a useless copy of the fake antivirus. These fake antiviruses must be removed immediately.

As it is come from clicking a button in a website through a browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox, I strongly recommend all of you to install Sandboxie and use Firefox as your main browser.

Install NoScript to prevent malicious script to install virus in your computer.

Then, run your browser, Firefox, in the Sandbox after installing Sandboxie so that no virus will be installed in your computer. Why? Read this article.

I have used Sandboxie for couple years. Untill now, my computer is free from any virus and I just use the Free AVG as my main antivirus only. Try Sandboxie and Firefox (with NoScript installed)now! Your computer will be free from most type of viruses!


Ann Martin Photography BLOG said...

Well, I do use free avg as my main antivirus, and I do use only Firefox as a browser. I'm careful about what I click on so I don't have many infections, but once every two or three years, some link will catch me when I'm not paying attention. I'll try NoScript and Sandboxie too. Thanks for the tips.

lawmacs said...

brilliant tips this is new to me

Another Blogger said...

Wow! Great tips bro. Its very useful :) Keep it up

Harry said...

Great tips friend, but, firefox is not behaving well esp since they released 3.5

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